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The Hall of Famer recently spoke about the Texans’ superstar quarterback requesting a trade.

One of the more potentially entertaining NFL offseasons of our time is in full swing. The number of starting quarterbacks who could find new teams is tremendous; Matthew Stafford has already been traded for Jared Goff.

The lead story, however, remains Deshaun Watson. The 25-year-old superstar Texans quarterback wants out of Houston, recently requesting a trade to a new organization.

While many (most?) are siding with Watson, there’s one particular individual who ironically doesn’t agree with the request: Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre.

Tell me more, Brett

The former Packers, Jets and Vikings quarterback recently spoke with Minty Bets of Yahoo Sportsbook on the matter, providing an opinion that gives off significant “shut up and dribble” vibes.

“It’s a different day and time,” Favre said. “It’s not that long ago in some respects, but in another, it was light years ago when I entered the league, and it was almost unheard of for a player to demand basically anything…I’m kind of old school.”

“I think you play, you get paid a ton of money to do a certain job — just do it and let the chips fall where they may,” he continued. “I think we make too much money to voice an opinion, but I’m not saying he’s wrong. Again, I think it’s a different day and time, and it’ll be interesting to see how the [Texans] handle it.”

Favre then backpeddled like an all-pro cornerback, offering the obligatory “I’m not saying he’s wrong.” But the prelude to that caveat made clear where the quarterback who once asked for a trade out of Green Bay stood on the current situation in Houston.

He makes too much money so he’s not allowed to voice his opinion?

Since when is making money mutually exclusive to being able to speak on an issue?

People need to get away from this whole mantra of “they’re professional athletes and make a ton of money so they shouldn’t say anything.”

Money, opinion can co-exist

Regardless of his salary, Watson should be able to speak on where he wants to play, and he sure as hell has the right to want to leave his current team.

Watson led the league in passing yards — after Houston traded DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona — and played his heart out every single week this past year amid incredible dysfunction in and around the organization.

He’s done everything he can for an organization that, under the Bill O’Brien regime, gutted the roster around him. Ownership then didn’t even consider the head coaching candidate Watson wanted (Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy), and hired a guy with no prior head-coaching experience (David Culley) to man the staff.

The Texans have done him so wrong that the list of teams he wants to go to could eventually become obsolete. It may reach a point where he won’t exactly care where he’s playing in 2021, as long as it’s not in Houston.

Watson has an opinion and has every right to possess one regardless of the money he makes. He desires a change? He desires to go to a better-run organization? Good. He should, especially given how the Texans have handled themselves as of late, and Favre and others who may agree with the former quarterback need to respect that.

Needless to say, this “old school” way of thinking must be abandoned.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.