WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA - MARCH 12: New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman talks with manager Aaron Boone prior to a Grapefruit League spring training game against the Washington Nationals at FITTEAM Ballpark of The Palm Beaches on March 12, 2020 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Many professional and college sports are canceling or postponing their games due to the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

New York Yankees fans have strong opinions on Aaron Boone, as does GM Brian Cashman. The only difference is Cashman actually makes decisions.

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman wants Manager Aaron Boone around for the long haul. Cashman said he wants to keep Boone for 10 years, just like Joe Girardi and Joe Torre.

Let it sink in Yankee fans. The man who makes decisions wants to keep Boone around. And it’s absolutely the right call.

Aaron Boone is a good manager. But you wouldn’t know it if you only read the comments section. In Yankee world, it’s World Series or bust every year for the fans. But that’s just not how the game works in today’s era. The spread of advanced analytics made it possible for a small market team like the Tampa Bay Rays to be World Series contenders.

The age of blindly spending on superstars is over. And that’s not because Hal Steinbrenner is cheap. It’s because that team-building model is outdated and simply won’t translate to the modern game. Under Boone, the Yankees have navigated the analytics minefield to make the playoffs in all three years, winning 100 games in both full seasons.

To be fair, there were legitimate criticisms of Boone in 2018. Many fans claimed that he didn’t know how to manage a bullpen. He fixed that in 2019. Many fans claimed he wasn’t standing up for his players enough. He absolutely fixed that in 2019.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter what the fans think of Aaron Boone. Brian Cashman knows that he’s a good manager. And since Cashman has led this organization to winning season after winning season, fans should have more faith that he knows what he’s doing.

Boone is the guy to lead this team. He understands the analytics and he’s great at communicating with his players. The only thing he still needs to prove to fans what Cashman already knows is to win the last game of the year.

Lifetime ballplayer and Yankee fan. Strongly believe that the eye-test and advanced stats can be used together instead of against each other.