Trevor Bauer New York Mets
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Trevor Bauer had some fun with New York Yankees fans on Wednesday night, hinting that New York may be on his list of free agent destinations.

Nobody stirs the MLB Twitter pot more than Trevor Bauer. During the New York Yankees 8-4 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday, Bauer took to Twitter to suggest the Yankees could use some starting pitching help.

And would you look at who’s at the top of the free-agent pitching market? None other than the man himself, Trevor Bauer.

Now let’s make one thing clear. I do not think the Yankees will go after Bauer this offseason. As talented as a pitcher as he is, rumors are swirling of Gerrit Cole’s dislike of Bauer. And even if Cole gives the green light to bring Bauer in, the NL Cy Young favorite brings a lot of drama with him.

For baseball, that drama is exactly what the doctor ordered. His Twitter feuds with other players bring excitement and attention to the game.

But for the Yankees, with “the New York media” looming, bringing in such an outspoken player doesn’t really fit the organizational mold. Bauer would be constantly chastised for every tweet and surely get into some ugly situations with the fanbase.

Basically, he seems like a lot more work than the Yankees are typically willing to stand. As talented as a pitcher as he is, he could be at war with the media on a daily basis.

So no, I don’t think Trevor Bauer to the Yankees is entirely realistic. But Bauer has a point. The Yankees will need to shore up the starting rotation this offseason.

They will probably go in another direction, but one night of Bauer Twitter fun can’t hurt. And for what it’s worth, Bauer is also shouting out the Padres.

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