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The Tennessee Titans are the first NFL team to be struck by COVID-19. They and the Minnesota Vikings are shutting down their facilities. 

The NFL was struck with terrible Tuesday morning. They announced that the Tennessee Titans had received eight positive COVID-19 tests — three players and five personnel. That news has put them and their opponent from last Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings, in a holding pattern. Both teams have shut down their team facilities.

The Titans will have their facility shut down until Saturday. They will be reevaluated from there. It seems unlikely that the Titans will be able to play on Sunday given the circumstances.

The Vikings still might play on Sunday. They plan to shut down their team facility until they get results back from their COVID tests. They have yet to have a positive test, however, the time before it’s detectable varies from person to person. It could take just two days or two weeks.

Yes, the Vikings might play on Sunday, but the smart move would be to hold them off the field as well. Just like MLB did with the Phillies early in the season when they played the Marlins. That way they can ensure that everyone is healthy for the rest of the season. To rush them back onto the field would be dangerous and unnecessary.

The NFL needs to take a strong stance for player safety right now. The game can be made up later in the season. It’s simply not worth the chance that COVID could spread across the NFL.

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