NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 01: Aroldis Chapman #54 of the New York Yankees exchanges words with the Tampa Bay Rays after the final out in the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium on September 01, 2020 in New York City.
(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

After a testy Tuesday game between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays, MLB disciplines Aroldis Chapman, Aaron Boone, and Kevin Cash.

There it is: Aroldis Chapman, Aaron Boone, and Kevin Cash are all receiving discipline from MLB for Tuesday’s antics. Suspensions and fines were certain in the wake of rising tensions between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays.

It’s three games for Chapman and one game each for Boone and Cash.

This should come as no surprise. Wednesday is the last tie these two teams will meet in the regular season and the last thing MLB wants is a major altercation. Handing down suspensions on both sides makes sense.

Headhunting is a major no-no so it’s hard to dispute the three-game suspension for Chapman. He still doesn’t have command of his fastball and it would have been pretty silly to plunk a guy to bring the tying run up to the plate, but intent doesn’t really matter when it’s 101 mph inches from someone’s head.

Cash’s suspension is well deserved as well. During his postgame press conference, he admitted to Tampa throwing at Austin Romine’s head in 2018 and threatened to do so again on Wednesday night. The threat was likely enough for a suspension on its own, but the admission of guilt from the 2018 incident solidified it.

As for Boone, he’s going to serve a game even though his comments on Tuesday were measured compared to Cash’s. The Rays and Yankees have a feud that’s going on three years at this point. Boone’s suspension is MLB’s way of telling these teams to put this to bed.

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