New York Yankees Giancarlo Stanton
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Giancarlo Stanton decided to treat New York Yankees fans on Friday, going sleeveless in the first workout of “summer camp”.

In case you forgot, Giancarlo Stanton would like to remind you that he is a monster of a human being. Yes, the New York Yankees have a beast on the roster.

I mean what the hell man? Here I am just trying to walk more often for exercise and you throw this in my face? Really makes me want to just lean into the stereotype of the cave-dwelling blogger.

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise given Stanton’s workout regiment of bench pressing supermodels.

However, the lack of Major League Baseball this summer led me to completely forget a human being could be that jacked up.

Regardless of my own blossoming insecurities caused by this picture, it does bode well for Stanton’s health going into a truncated 2020 season.

It’s expected that Stanton will begin the year serving primarily as only the designated hitter, but that’s completely fine. The Yankees have no shortage of talented outfielders.

If taking the defensive load off Stanton’s shoulders helps him stay in the batter’s box, I’m all for it. Yankee fans know very well that he makes his money with the bat in his hand. Whatever it takes to keep him healthy is whatever the Yankees need to do. His presence in the lineup completely changes the dynamic of the team.

And judging by this picture, he’s going to spend the 2020 season testing the limits of exit velocity.

And I’ll be spending the 2020 season trying to figure out how many bags of chips it’s appropriate to eat during one baseball game.

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