COOPERSTOWN, NY - JULY 29: MLB commissioner Rob Manfred speaks at Clark Sports Center during the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony on July 29, 2018 in Cooperstown, New York.
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Players will receive a shortened season proposal from MLB in which they will be paid full prorated salaries, but for just 50 games.

Jeff Passan of ESPN reported on Monday evening that MLB will be proposing a shorter season to the players.

The season would be comprised of around 50 regular-season games and the goal is to begin regular season play in July. According to this plan, players would be paid a full prorated share of their salaries.

Passan went on to note that MLB will discuss alternatives to a shorter season with players.

Opening Day was delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The MLBPA and MLB attempting to come together with the purpose of developing a plan for a potential 2020 season has been nothing short of a complete mess.

In March, MLB and the MLBPA agreed that MLB had the right to determine the length of the season, regardless of how short or long it may be. That’s why the new plan’s season is 50 games, as of right now. The March agreement also dictated that MLB would pay the players prorated salaries.

In May, however, the owners amended the terms of the agreement, stating that players and owners would receive a 50-50 revenue split, instead. Many players voiced their disapproval with this plan and said the players’ union would not agree to it.

On Monday, the MLBPA reportedly pushed for a 114-game season and was willing to see an expanded playoff comprised of 14 teams instead of the usual 10.

The fact that, in its new plan, MLB has agreed to pay players their full prorated salaries is a step in the right direction. However, the MLBPA may not be inclined to sign off on it because the proposed season is so short.

They wouldn’t be earning nearly as much as they would if they were playing a full season, which could prove to be a problem. Here’s to hoping that both sides can agree that playing more games is the best option.

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