Alex Rodriguez
(Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Sports radio personality Chris Russo recently revealed harsh opinions regarding Alex Rodriguez’s attempts to purchase the New York Mets.

Alex Rodriguez is pushing hard to buy the New York Mets. Radio host Chris Russo, in a Q&A with New York Post reporter Steve Serby, pointed out the underlying madness in the possible purchase:

“Think about it for a minute: If you are a Mets fans, do you want A-Rod being the spokesman for your team?” Russo rhetorically asked Serby. “This is a guy who didn’t come clean on steroids until he had to and then sued the sport.”

After pointing out A-Rod’s crimes against the MLB, Russo then drew attention to a more localized elephant in the room.

“[It would] be one thing if he helped the Mets win five titles. Geez, he is a Yankee. Do you think a Dodgers fan would want Barry Bonds running the club?”

Rodriguez spent 12 of his 22 years in the MLB with the New York Yankees. He lost one of those years in the Bronx (2014) to suspension for HGH usage.

A-Rod and his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez—known collectively as J-Rod—have made a serious bid for Amazins’ ownership recently. Rumors have even connected New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to the potential deal.

Considering that eclectic bunch, Russo’s evaluation seems to be correct.

If J-Rod are successful, New York sports fans who think the optics of Yankees legend Derek Jeter owning the Miami Marlins peculiar are in for a whole new level of weirdness.

It’s highly possible that Mets faithful are soon treated to the sight of Alex Rodriguez lounging in the owners box at Citi Field while J-Lopez performs the national anthem and Tim Tebow warms up in left.

Get Mr. Met some makeup, because it’s about to be full-blown clown world in Queens.

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