13 Jun 1997: Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls celebrates in the locker room after the Bulls win game 6 of the 1997 NBA Finals at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The Bulls defeated the Jazz 90-86 to win the series and claim the championship. Ma
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Hoops Habit’s Chris Jeter discusses the Chicago Bulls’ changes in the front office and the popular “The Last Dance” documentary.

Prior to the start of the 2019-20 season, some analysts had the Chicago Bulls making the playoffs.

Yet, after a 65-game sample size, the Bulls only tied their 22 wins from last season. And while they were on track to improve, it was probably not the type of improvement fans expected.

Additionally, amidst changes in the front office, ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary has been a weekly reminder of the Bulls’ past dominance and relevance in the NBA landscape. The 2020 version of the Bulls has talent, but questions remain regarding the ceiling of that talent and the leadership in charge of guiding that talent.

Hoops Habit’s Chris Jeter joined Geoff Campbell and Chip Murphy on the Hoops Addicts Anonymous podcast to discuss all things “The Last Dance” and the future of the Bulls.

“In terms of just the whole series, I like how they’ve woven so much of the backstory and used it to inform all of the important players of the season,” Jeter says of the documentary. “And obviously with the Rodman episode, they go back to his time in Detroit, which was night and day in terms of who Dennis Rodman was in Detroit and who he was in Chicago.”

Jeter and the guys discussed what exactly went wrong with the Bulls’ 2019-20 season. Unfortunately, much of the blame lies with the coaching staff.

“Well whenever I think to myself, Jim Boylen is not that bad of a coach, I always go back to that Dallas game not too long ago where they had an open layup and he called a timeout,” Jeter laments. “…The Bulls have talent, but it’s not idiot-proof, the team isn’t good enough to overcome lackluster coaching.”

The conversation includes a discussion on Kenny Atkinson’s fit with the young Bulls and everyone’s favorite question: Who would you rather have, Julius Randle or Zach LaVine?

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