Aaron Boone
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

MLB punished the Boston Red Sox for their 2018 sign-stealing activities, and New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone has thoughts on the matter.

The Boston Red Sox received a mere slap on the wrist for cheating their way to a World Series win in 2018. But New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone seems fine with MLB’s decision.

A league investigation unearthed proof that the 2018 Red Sox used technology to steal signs from opposing pitchers. As a result, Boston lost its 2020 second-round draft pick and its replay operator.

Manager Alex Cora is also suspended for 2020, but only because he helped the Houston Astros steal signs in 2017.

In a recent interview with YES Network’s Meredith Marakovits, Boone revealed his opinion on the situation.

“I do trust that MLB thoroughly investigated and got to the bottom of things as best they can,” he told Marakovits. “I feel like that’s what was come up with, and so be it. It’s time to move on and I’m glad we’re kind of through those situations. As I’ve said all along, and I do believe this, hopefully as a sport we’ll be better moving forward. You mess around and they’re coming for you. I think that’s a good thing.”

Yankees faithful may be miffed by Boone’s support for MLB’s actions against Boston. The Bronx Bombers did fall victim to their Beantown rivals in the 2018 ALDS.

Such fans should probably hold their judgement, though.

The same report that triggered MLB’s investigation into the Red Sox also fingered New York for the same offense. Boone’s glowing review of MLB’s Boston judgement might be the words of a man who’s just happy to have escaped well-deserved wrath.

At this point, it’s best for the New York Yankees and their fans to move on from the past. The louder Yankees Twitter gets, the harsher the virtual blowback will be if—God forbid—a pinstriped scandal emerges.

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