Anthony Davis
(AP Photo / Gerald Herbert)

The Hoops Addicts Anonymous crew discusses ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary and conducts a re-draft of the 2012 NBA Draft.

The 2012 NBA Draft featured two of the perennial All-NBA talents in Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard. Both Chip Murphy and Geoff Campbell were in lock-step agreement, as both Davis and Lillard were the first and second selections, respectively.

Prior to the draft conversation, both Chip and Geoff reflect on the access and honesty from ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary, which chronicled the sixth and final NBA championship during the Chicago Bulls dynasty which was led by Michael Jordan.

However, once the draft conversation started, the heat turned up as Chip and Geoff had different selections at the No. 5 spot. Chip selected two-time All-Star and Milwaukee Bucks wing, Khris Middleton.

“Fifty-40-90 guy, averaging 20 a game, an elite defender. You know he took a step this year, struggled a little bit in the playoffs last year, which why I think people aren’t really trusting him as a solid number two behind Giannis right now,” Chip said of Middleton.

Chip also referenced the previous episode of the Hoops Addicts Anonymous Podcast, where Bucks fan Tim Wray talked about Middleton’s dominance as a mid-range shooter and how head coach Mike Budenholzer gives him the green light to shoot that shot.

Geoff countered with two-time All-Star and 2015-2016 All-NBA selection Andre Drummond. Currently, on the Cleveland Cavaliers, Drummond was rumored to be on the New York Knicks‘ wishlist prior to the NBA trade deadline.

“He’s lead the league in total rebounds three times, he scored in double-figures for seven-straight seasons…the BPM is better than Middleton, the win shares are better than Middleton,” Geoff explained.

The Hoops Addicts crew will look forward to another re-draft episode as they dive into the infamous Anthony Bennett draft in 2013.

ESNY staff reports.