Tommy Kahnle is back for the New York Yankees
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Tommy Kahnle kept his “MLB The Show” players league postseason hopes alive on Tuesday by claiming victory in all three games of the night. 

Tommy Kahnle’s playoff hopes were on the line Tuesday night when he hopped on the sticks for his “MLB The Show” players league games. After a rough showing Monday, these games were pivotal in keeping Kahnle afloat. Fortunately for New York Yankees fans, Kahnle won all three games on his schedule.

Game One

Kahnle got off to a hot start against Hunter Pence’s Giants. He launched a two-run home run with Aaron Judge to open the scoring. He quickly followed that up with a solo shot by Aaron Hicks to give him all the offense he needed.

Pence got on the board in the second inning with an RBI single by Brandon Crawford. With a 3-1 lead heading into the third, Kahnle turned to Aroldis Chapman for the save.

As it turns out, Kahnle is terrible at pitching with Chapman. Kahnle opened up the inning with a walk and a single before an Evan Longoria single put the tying run on third base. Kahnle barely escaped danger as Giancarlo Stanton ran down a flyball to left for the third out and the win.

Game Two

Game two was an absolute laugher for Kahnle. Hicks homered again to make the score 2-0 in the first inning.

When David Dahl took his turn on offense, it became instantly clear that he would swing at literally anything. It no longer mattered that Kahnle couldn’t throw strikes. In fact, it was actually beneficial to him to not throw anything Dahl could hit well.

Kahnle extended the lead to 5-0 in the third before closing out the win with Zack Britton.

Game Three

Game three was another laugher for Kahnle. And that’s because game three never happened. Eduardo Rodriguez, sitting on a 2-10 record coming into Tuesday, had convenient “internet issues.”

How strange that one of the worst players in the league had extenuating circumstances that prevented him from playing. It’s almost like he was afraid of facing Kahnle with the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry on the line.

On Tuesday night we learned that Kahnle won’t drop into the mediocrity of the league quietly. He wants that playoff spot, but there are still a few quality players he has to leapfrog in the standings.

We also learned that Aaron Hicks apparently took all the hitting ability from Gleyber Torres. While Hicks is hitting well over .500 and hitting monster home runs, Torres is batting well under .100 and hasn’t done anything.

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