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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ new uniforms appear very familiar, and for all the right reasons.

Kyle McKenna

It was already hard to imagine Tom Brady in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform, let alone anything other than New England Patriots colors.

The photoshopped pictures of Brady in the Buccaneers’ below-average jerseys prior to Tuesday were sore sights for all NFL fans.

Don’t worry — Tampa rose to the occasion. Not only did the Bucs upgrade their identity at quarterback, but also in the uniform rankings.

Fans won’t witness the six-time Super Bowl champion in the Buccaneers hideous threads that officially retired on Tuesday when Tampa unveiled new and awesome uniforms.

These appear very familiar to die-hard pigskin fans, considering the home and away uniforms are modern versions from the Bucs’ “Super Bowl era.” The 2002 Super Bowl champions’ “new uniform is identical to what the team wore from 1997 through 2013,” according to the organization.

This is a fantastic adjustment on the Bucs’ part. Especially when you consider that a new era and legitimate shot at winning a Super Bowl for the first time in almost two decades are on the horizon.

The “Super Bowl” era uniforms were classic, simple and appealing in various aspects. Two key factors to keep in mind are that the Bucs kept the primary logo that was introduced after 2013 but reverted the shade of red back to the one that was introduced in the late 1990s.

The reality is that the team was trying too hard to brand similar to a team like the Seattle Seahawks with a “brighter” color scheme back.

The color scheme from the 1990s and early 2000s was already unique and well appreciated by most, and the uniform’s classic-meets-flashy appearance is now second to none in the league.

Still, the team executed one bold move in the process.

The Bucs are also set to wear an alternate “all pewter” uniform. Fans will have to wait and see the pewter uniforms in person before evaluating them.

Black seemed like it would’ve suited the Bucs well for a third jersey.

Let’s not forget how Tampa’s fanbase reacted.

The Bucs unveiled the uniforms on all digital platforms at 1:00 p.m. ET Tuesday with an awesome highlight video. Supporters were more than happy to welcome back this uniform design.

There were some within the fanbase that were hoping for the return of the original orange-and-white uniforms. But thankfully, those didn’t make a comeback just yet.

The alteration to the uniforms is a positive move for the organization’s brand and overall on-field appearance. The previous sets were just over the top and arguably resembled a design that a collegiate squad would wear.

Now, the Bucs are ready to unveil another Super Bowl banner, and in familiar fashion.

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