ESNY Rangers Martin St
ESNY Graphic, Getty Images

Former New York Rangers forward Martin St. Louis shared via Twitter that he still proudly owns a SEGA Genesis and NHL 96.

Fans born after the late 1990s have probably never heard the word “SEGA” in their lives.

Think about that for a second.

Former New York Rangers forward Martin St. Louis apparently thought of a genius idea on Sunday that entailed the old SEGA Genesis video game system.

The 2004 Stanley Cup champion not only introduced the vintage entertainment box to his kids but made sure they were gaming with NHL 96. It seems that hockey video games never become old, especially if your father was a former NHL All-Star.

This type of post from current or former athletes is one aspect that fans should appreciate during this bizarre and concerning time.

It portrays the athletes, role models, faces of the game — however you view the pros — their humor, and how they appreciate nostalgic things in life, especially during this battle.

St. Louis even added how his kids were so confused by the old-school controller. It doesn’t get much better than that considering how gaming technology has advanced beyond our beliefs. If you look at the photo closely, it does appear that the youngsters took part in a New Jersey Devils vs. Rangers game.

The photo shows some of St. Louis’ Tampa Bay Lightning memorabilia, but it seems that the Blueshirts still have a close place in the family’s hearts.

It should be interesting to see if more athletes and Rangers players break out SEGA or similar throwback trinkets. Most fans are probably in agreement that Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey for Nintendo64 was the better game though.

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