Domingo German
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Domingo German’s suspension status has become unclear amid the COVID-19 season delay. Thus, Major League Baseball clarified the parameters.

Domingo German‘s 2020 season was supposed to start with a 63-game suspension. But due to the COVID-19 outbreak delaying the campaign, fans weren’t sure what was going to happen with the overall punishment.

So now, Major League Baseball has clarified the parameters of his suspension.

As expected, German’s suspension will continue when the season begins.

Ideally, the New York Yankees will play at least 63 games in 2020. A season shortened to less than 63 games would be a disaster for baseball and its fans.

But if the season was shortened or canceled altogether, German’s suspension would not carry over into 2021, even if he doesn’t serve all 63 games.

So when opening day 2021 rolls around, German is going to be available no matter what. Maybe he’ll be in the rotation, maybe he’ll be in the bullpen. Regardless, he’ll find himself on the roster.

As far as 2020 goes, German likely won’t play a significant role. Even if he’s able to serve his suspension and return in time for the season, he’ll be nearly a year removed from major-league action. He’ll need to sharpen his skills in Triple-A again. At best, he may factor into a long-relief role in the playoffs.

And worst-case scenario, he enters the 2021 season having not played Major League Baseball in well over a year.

For now, all Yankee fans can do is remain patient and see if German will be able to contribute in 2020…if there’s a season at all.

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