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The New York Yankees blessed the world with a plethora of postseason games to replay over the years. ESNY just helped by breaking down which ones are worth a second watch in quarantine.

Allison Case

Once upon a time, there was a sport called baseball. Remember it? It was a sport the New York Yankees absolutely dominated since 1913 and even prior to that with a different name.

For now, the sport of baseball is shut down, along with the state of California, New York City and plenty of other areas throughout the world. Although Japan is still going strong in their leagues, all we have left to do is re-watch old games in hopes the beginning of this season will be announced soon.

During this shutdown, ESNY presented a list of Yankees games from the last decade to watch on YouTube. This time, we’re rolling out a list of postseason games featuring the Bronx Bombers that will get you pumped for the postseason…in March.

Starting from the oldest to the most current games, here are the full games you’ll be able to stream to help fill the empty hole in your heart that baseball has left.

Please remember that there might be some games missing as the games on this list are available to watch fully online! Our apologies to Don Larsen, whose no-hitter in the 1956 World Series is definitely one we’d want to watch again.

1977: Mr. October was born

In a time far before Derek Jeter’s magical Mr. November moment, there was Mr. October. Reggie Jackson’s incredible performance during Game 6 of the 1977 World Series soon became the stuff of legend.

The legend all began when he slugged three home runs in one single game. And, naturally, all during the postseason. Jackson’s first season in the Bronx, 1977 was a challenging time for him. However, he clearly was worth every penny of that contract when he slugged these homers.

Oh, and did we mention that he did it on just three pitches? All hail Mr. October!

The game can be watched in full on the MLB Vault channel on YouTube.

1978: Bucky *Bleeping* Dent

If there’s ever talk of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, this game comes up in conversation. And for good reason; this is one of the most incredible playoff games in the history of the sport.

After finishing in a dead tie in the AL East at season’s end, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox had to have a one-game playoff to determine who moves on. Enter the legend of Bucky Dent.

A back-and-forth affair, the Yankees emerged on top, all thanks to an epic home run by Bucky Dent over the Monster. Guys, this game should definitely be on your list.

Watch the full game on MLB Vault’s YouTube channel.

1995: A wild and crazy time

This game often gets overshadowed because the New York Yankees would eventually collapse against the Seattle Mariners in the final three games. But Game 2? A thrill ride from start to finish.

Lasting 15 innings, the game started with Andy Pettitte and ended with Jim Leyritz sending everyone home with a two-run shot. This is the beginning of the beautiful career for Mariano Rivera and the end of a stellar career for Don Mattingly, marking his only postseason series.

Want to watch all almost five hours of this game? You can find that on Rusty Esperanza’s YouTube channel. The condensed version, cut down to an hour and a half, can also be discovered on YouTube, under billyny33’s channel.

1998: The best team and the best comeback

What is widely regarded as one of the greatest teams in baseball history, the 1998 New York Yankees wept the San Diego Padres. However, in Game 1, it didn’t seem like the results would be in New York’s favor.

Having to mount a comeback, the New York Yankees plated seven runs late to take the lead and flex their muscles. The big blow? Off the bat of Tino Martinez in the form of a grand slam.

See the entire game on Travis Connor’s YouTube channel.

2000: ‘Til the bitter end

With two teams from opposite sides of the tracks, the brothers went head-to-head in 2000 for the Subway Series. All five games were tightly contested but Game 5 was a nail-biter until the very end.

After all the drama and fireworks from early on in the series (i.e. Mike Piazza’s broken bat throw at Roger Clemens), this game was fairly tame. However, the Yankees were looking to clinch and Mike Piazza once again remained a thorn in their side.

Besides just the game, you get to witness a celebration by the New York Yankees. Oh, what a time to be alive!

This game can be found on MLB Vault’s YouTube channel.

2001: Mr. November

While the 2001 World Series didn’t end up the way New York Yankees fans wanted it to, there were still some entertaining games that came from it. After the 9/11 tragedy, the whole nation found something to cheer about when the New York Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks put together an incredible series.

An emotional ride without a doubt, Game 4 was by far the best game of the series to end in New York’s favor. This was the time when Derek Jeter was hailed as Mr. November and late-game heroics became the norm in the Bronx. A pitching duel throughout, the New York Yankees prevailed and Derek Jeter became…well, more historic.

Catch the full game on MLB Vault’s YouTube channel.

2003: Aaron *Bleeping* Boone

You know this game was going to be on the list. I mean, it’s a Game 7. It’s against the Boston Red Sox. It’s an unlikely hero coming through in the clutch.

Now-manager Aaron Boone took a first-pitch Tim Wakefield offering into the seats in left and singlehandedly brought the Yankees to the World Series. Of course, earlier in that game there were moments as well. Perhaps the most defining was Grady Little letting Pedro Martinez stay in the game…

Watch this gem on the YouTube page of MLB Vault.

2009: Godzilla’s monster game

Sometimes the best postseason games don’t have to go down to the wire. That was the case for the World Series-clinching game in the 2009 World Series.

Instead of heading into the final innings, Hideki Matsui just put together an absolute monster of a performance, earning him the first World Series MVP award for a designated hitter.

Game 6 was a gem for Matsui, a beloved outfielder haling from Japan. He drove in six runs in the game and, for the series, delivered a 8-for-13 performance with three home runs.

See? Godzilla isn’t always a bad guy. Instead, he won the Yankees their 27th title. Watch the full game on ClassicPhilliesTV on YouTube.

2017: Wild, wild card

This game appeared on the previous list but, gosh darn it, it is one of the finer modern-era postseason games.

The first 45 minutes alone are an incredible ride, so what about the rest of the game? Definitely worth another watch even though you’ve surely seen this game already in its entirety.

Watch it again without judgement. Trust me, you know that it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun to see Didi Gregorius’ amazing clutch homer.

Watch the full game on MLB’s YouTube channel.

2017: The entire Cleveland series

As ridiculous as this sounds, binge-watching the entire five-game set against the Cleveland Indians is a stellar idea.

Sure, Game 1 will break your heart. Game 2 will make you angry. Game 3 will give you hope. Game 4 will raise your spirits. Game 5 will show you just how much everyone is going to miss Didi Gregorius.

So just watch them all. Doesn’t matter about the wins or losses because we all know the outcome. It was pretty glorious.

2017: Baby Bombers lead the way

Yet another magical game from the 2017 postseason from a purely magical team. The underdogs all the way, they found themselves behind early against the Houston Astros and fought their way back at home.

That’s where Game 4 comes into play. Down in the 7th inning, the Bombers made the Stadium shake with a comeback for the ages. Fun to watch the next era of Yankees superstars come through in the clutch as a sign of good things to come.

See that gem of a game on MLB’s YouTube channel.

Are you officially ready for the season to begin yet? Actually, let’s just skip that and go straight for the postseason. Hopefully, this list will tide you over until it’s officially time to get back on the baseball horse.

Allison is just a girl with an enormous passion for the game of baseball and the written word. Based in Upstate New York, her life-long relationship with the New York Yankees is something that she developed through close relationships with her mother and grandfather. An aspiring sports writer, she graduated with a journalism degree and is finding places to share her excitement about the sporting world and how it affects us all.