Boston Bruins
(via theBostonGarden/Instagram)

One Boston Bruins fan account on Instagram highlights the harsh reality of coronavirus’s impact on the NHL season.

We get it. Everyone, including non-sports fans are sick and tired (no pun intended) of hearing about coronavirus and everything else that comes with its media exposure.

Somehow social media accounts are still finding ways to become creative while incorporating the virus and sports. Look no further than a popular Boston-themed account, “thebostongarden.” The account posted a crazy yet creative Boston Bruins-themed coronavirus graphic amidst the NHL postponing its 2019-20 regular season.

The graphic portrays a Bruins skater, David Pastrnak in theory, wearing a mask and hazmat suit that’s Bruins themed on the ice. While the skater looks like he’s straight out of a zombie film or the movie E.T., it is both alarming and creative.

It’s alarming because society has never quite experienced something this realistic and worrisome across the globe while just about everything closes down—including professional sports. This type of portrait captures the moment we are living through.

The image stings in the back of people’s minds and, well, makes you think a little harder. Are those the type of characteristics that initiate “fear?”

Let’s also give credit where it’s due. This type of graphic is eye-catching and creative.

The obvious sticks out right away with the suit and mask, but how about the “caution” tape on the blade of the skater’s stick which replaced normal hockey tape?

It’s a very alarming and interesting concept but does leave fans with one question: Why are there fans in the seats in the background and ones that appear to be wearing everyday clothing?

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