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NHL players and hockey fans should grow out playoff beards while everyone waits for the postponement on the 2019-20 season to end. 

Considering there’s a strong chance that NHL teams and fans must wait a few weeks for hockey to resume, perhaps it’s time fans embrace a longtime tradition but a month earlier.

Players and fans should consider growing out playoff beards while waiting impatiently for puck drop’s return. Skaters and the NHL’s faithful supporters have displayed their dedication to growing out beards during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Having some type of fun with the unfortunate cancellation could spark a positive interest.

Growing out playoff-caliber beards during the unbearable wait could spark a trend over social media while athletes also have the time and ability to engage more with hockey fans, who are missing out on entertainment for an extended period of time.

Similar to past social media campaigns, perhaps the league, or individual athletes, can utilize a potential campaign such as a fundraiser, no?

If humans can raise money by pouring buckets of water over their heads, then growing out a playoff beard a month early should be able to accomplish the same goal—no pun intended there, either.

While travesties and odd occurrences such as the coronavirus debacle unfortunately happen, professional sports paves the way for a sense of healing at times—a picture larger than the fans and sport itself.

Challenges for having the best beards during the wait could offer some healing while staying positive along the way—who doesn’t appreciate a positive distraction, right?

Hopefully, the campaign can end sooner than expected and we can all say…

in the words of MSG’s Sam Rosen, “The waiting is over!”

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