Aaron Boone and Gerrit Cole
(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

New York Yankees superstar Gerrit Cole is leaving manager Aaron Boone hanging when it comes to fine wine recommendations.

Gerrit Cole’s fastball is already sizzling like a steak, and it’s making Aaron Boone thirsty for a nice red wine. But the New York Yankees’ stud starter has yet to share his boozy expertise with his manager.

The New York Post’s George A. King III discovered that Boone has guided Cole to multiple New York eateries. The reporter apparently asked if Cole had supplied wine advice in return.

“He hasn’t reciprocated,” the New York Yankees bench boss told King.

Cole has developed a reputation as a wine connoisseur. The Yankees even used the classy booze to wow Cole when they recruited him during free agency.

The team learned of a particular merlot that is special to the hurler and his wife. New York’s management team gifted him two bottles of the expensive Italian Masseto, and he donned pinstripes soon after that.

Cole’s history with wine extends back at least to 2016, when he was on the Pittsburgh Pirates. That year he hosted an alcohol-centered charity event with Uncork for a Cause.

Also, when Cole joined the Houston Astros in 2018, he may have bonded with Jose Altuve over grape spirits. According to the Houston Chronicle’s David Barron, Altuve requested just one thing from his teammates for his 29th birthday: wine.

In light of Houston’s recent sign-stealing scandal, Yankees fans can only hope wine is all Cole and Altuve shared. For what it’s worth, Cole very firmly and publicly denied any involvement in the cheating.

In the end, Boone may be better off never receiving that vino recommendation from Cole.

The 29-year-old strikeout artist is set to earn $324 million over the next nine years. Wine that pairs well with that kind of cheddar is likely out of the manager’s price range.

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