New York Yankees Tyler Wade
(Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images)

With MLB rosters expanding to 26 players, Tyler Wade has a perfect opportunity to contribute to the New York Yankees.

The 26-man roster was created for guys like Tyler Wade. Major League Baseball expanded the maximum roster number for this season, and Wade’s versatility makes him the perfect candidate for that extra spot on the New York Yankees.

Taking teammate Jordan Montgomery to the left-center corner in a simulated game additionally helps his case.

As you can hear, someone shouted, “that’s three!” As the ball rocketed to the outfield. Obviously, triples aren’t outside the realm of possibility with a speedster like Wade. But that isn’t the most encouraging part of this video.

Wade’s swing is what really catches the viewer’s eye. A quick glance shows that his swing is more compact and quicker. He takes a decent pitch and hits it hard to the opposite field.

If Wade is entering the 2020 season with a shortened swing and some decent pop, he’s going to be an absolute weapon as the 26th man.

Wade’s “bread and butter” has been — and always will be — his speed and defense. He’s a major-league caliber shortstop who’s had trouble staying with the big-league club due to poor hitting. His defensive versatility already gives the Yankees a plethora of interesting ways to deploy him.

If Wade can hit at a .250-.270 clip, he’ll become an extremely valuable asset to this team. Sure, he may not have been a lock to make the 25-man roster in previous years, but that extra spot was built for a versatile weapon like him.

And should 2020 be the year that Wade’s bat catches up with his defense and speed, he’ll possess the potential to make a huge difference on a World Series favorite.

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