HOUSTON, TEXAS - OCTOBER 30: Jose Altuve #27 of the Houston Astros reacts after he lines out against the Washington Nationals during the fourth inning in Game Seven of the 2019 World Series at Minute Maid Park on October 30, 2019 in Houston, Texas.
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Jose Altuve spoke with reporters in Florida on Thursday and admitted the Houston Astros crossed a line in 2017.

Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve met with reporters at the team’s spring training complex in West Palm Beach, Florida. In discussing Houston’s cheating scandal, the former American League MVP admitted what he and his teammates did was “wrong.”

“Yeah, kinda,” Altuve said when asked if they knew what they did was wrong in 2017. “That’s why we feel bad. I’m not going to say to you it was good. It was wrong and we feel bad. We feel remorse. Like I said, the impact on the fans and the impact on the game, we feel bad.”

An MLB investigation recently confirmed the Astros stole signs using video in 2017, communicating pitch types to hitters in real-time. Altuve has been a key figure of the investigation since he was named AL MVP that same season. He also won his third career batting title, all while the Astros were stealing signs.

Altuve’s actions at the close of last year’s ALCS have also come into question. As he rounded third base after his series and pennant-clinching home run in Game 6, he signals to his teammates not to rip off his jersey. This fueled speculation that the Astros were using electronic buzzers to pick up pitches.

MLB’s investigation didn’t turn up evidence of such devices, but a recent report states Houston continued cheating at home and on the road in 2018. New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman, who gave up the home run, has since called Altuve’s celebration “suspicious.”

But fans and players alike will soon have to move on from this, despite the Astros’ early non-apologies. Jose Altuve seems at least somewhat remorseful and ready to move on.

Here’s hoping nothing further comes to light so everyone else can too.

Josh Benjamin is a Bronx native who lives and breathes the New York Yankees despite being born into a family full of Mets fans. He is the MLB Editor at RealSport and considers himself a student of the game. When not writing, he can be found either at Yankee Stadium or deep in discussion with his fellow sports nuts.