Luis Severino
Elsa/Getty Images

The New York Yankees may be all business on the field in 2020, but that won’t stop Luis Severino from having fun in the clubhouse. 

Luis Severino is gearing up for an important 2020 campaign and arrived for his first official day in style.

Of course, while most would assume “arriving in style” means pulling up to the lot in a $6 trillion car, Severino took a different, equally stylish approach.


Recognize the instantly timeless image of Luis Severino rolling down the hallway on a scooter for his first day of work.

It sets an important tone for surviving a 162 game pressure-filled season. That tone is “you show up here to work but it wouldn’t kill you to have some fun on the way.”

That’s not even to mention how energy efficient this ride is. Why would Severino waste his energy walking down the hallway on his first day? Scootering down to the locker room is truly the only way to ensure all his energy is focused on the field instead of in the long clubhouse tunnel.

The only real concern here is Severino’s lack of helmet and pads. After the injury insanity of 2019, the Yankees should be taking every precaution to ensure the safety of their players.

The “Next Man Up” season was a lot of fun but fans are ready to see the lineup the team actually intended to use. So cover Luis Severino in bubble wrap before you let the man scooter around the facility.

All in all, though, riding a scooter into spring training is a pretty fun way to start the season.

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