Gary Sanchez
(Nick Wass/AP)

New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez is the latest to publicly say he feels cheated out of a World Series thanks to the Houston Astros. 

New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez joined teammate Masahiro Tanaka and former teammate CC Sabathia in publicly saying he feels the Houston Astros cost him a World Series. Sanchez explained further in a meeting with reporters, including Scott Thompson of SNY.

“I mean, what can I say? For me as a hitter, if I know what’s coming, you have a higher chance of being more successful at the plate,” Sanchez said through his interpreter. “So, maybe, yeah.”

Sanchez also addressed the infamous Jose Altuve jersey buzzer theory, saying he would let teammates “rip off” his pants if he hit a pennant-clinching home run.

And in saying he feels cheated out of a Yankees World Series title, Gary Sanchez is just the latest to express his opinion. Tanaka made the same comment on Monday and Sabathia made his feelings known last month. The Houston Astros twice beat the Yankees in the ALCS, got caught cheating for at least one of those times, and now people want answers.

It’s all about keeping the narrative going while MLB would prefer for it to just fade away. Even non-Yankees players are starting to speak out against the Astros’ illegal sign-stealing practices and the ripple effect they had.

The point is Gary Sanchez is just the latest Yankee to say he feels cheated out of a World Series. The Astros scandal is a hot topic, so count on more players speaking up soon.

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