Mookie Betts
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Mookie Betts could be on the move to the Los Angeles Dodgers, but don’t think his potential Boston departure helps the New York Yankees. 

Trade rumors have been swirling around Boston Red Sox superstar outfielder Mookie Betts. It was reported that the San Diego Padres had become major players for the former MVP. Then not too far after, the Los Angeles Dodgers had reportedly discussed a trade for Betts.

While a potential Betts move to Los Angeles feels like it would benefit the New York Yankees, the move would hurt the Bombers much more than it could help. 

A positive during the Regular Season

Entering the 2020 season, the Yankees are not only the favorite to win the AL East, but they are also the favorite in all of baseball. They boast a top-five offense, rotation and bullpen in all of baseball. They are the most complete team there is in the land.

Mookie Betts remaining in Boston could help the Red Sox compete for the AL East crown and they’re still a solid team on paper. Chris Sale is more than likely going to bounce back for a great year and the offense is still quite good.

If Betts is traded to the Dodgers, the Red Sox may not even compete for a playoff spot.

The Yankees won’t play the Dodgers during the regular season, so they won’t have to worry about Betts. The Dodgers are already the best team in the National League, and this would only solidify that standing.

The move would likely give the Yankees a clearer path to a division title and potential top spot in the American League. If the Dodgers and Yankees are the top teams in their respective leagues, they’d be the favorites to meet in the postseason. 

In essence, no Betts does help the Yankees over the course of 162.

A Test for October

Mookie Betts would instantly make the Dodgers the best team in baseball. The club’s position player core could be the best in baseball depending on the trade. However, a combination of Betts, Clay Bellinger, Max Muncy, Corey Seager, Justin Turner and young Gavin Lux would be as good offensively as it would be defensively. The Dodgers would be well set up in a five or seven-game series.

The playoffs are random, as it’s 100 percent evident every single year, but the Dodgers would still be favored. 

The Yankees are clear in their intentions for the 2020 season: it’s time to win. As it stands now, they should be the favorite. If Betts goes to LA, it changes the odds. Both teams have a lot of depth as well. Dodgers have one of the best farm systems in baseball and have been able to produce talent at an unreal rate over the last few years. It’d be a heavyweight matchup. Some may enjoy the matchup; it’d be great baseball.

If you’re the Yankees, however, Betts to LA isn’t something that would make them happy. 

What about San Diego

This is the best possible scenario for the Yankees. San Diego with Betts is a potential playoff team if they can hold onto Chris Paddack and Dinelson Lamet. That would hurt the Dodgers, as they would face steeper competition. It helps the Yankees because Betts is no longer in Boston and could likely change how they view the entire season.

The Yankees would face weaker competition, the Red Sox get worse and the Dodgers face better competition. All of those are good things for the Yankees. 

The New York Mets would hurt if Betts were to be traded to San Diego. While I think the Mets are one of the top teams in NL on paper, they have a lot of questions that have to be answered.

Another potential team in the playoff picture of the crowded National League only hurts their odds. Right now, there are about nine teams competing for playoff spots behind the Dodgers. If Betts goes to San Diego, the competition gets even more crowded. The entrance of a new player doesn’t help the Mets. 

Mookie Betts headlines a class of players who could potentially be traded before spring training begins. The next few weeks will be crucial to the outlook of the new 2020 MLB season. 

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