Nolan Arenado
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Rumors are running rampant surrounding the New York Yankees and superstar Nolan Arenado. Sure, you can dream, but it just can’t happen.

Allison Case

The New York Yankees have done it before with various players. See, most recently, Giancarlo Stanton in 2017.

Whenever a big name emerges on the trade market, the Yankees are obviously (and sometimes inexplicably) linked. So the second Nolan Arenado’s name popped up, eyes lit up around the Yankees fanbase.

Arenado’s time with the Colorado Rockies has been nothing short of impressive. The Yankees have a pretty solid relationship when it comes to deals with the Rockies. So the proper conclusion is that the Yankees should pursue bringing Nolan Arenado to the Bronx.

Now, let’s slow up and take a step back. While the Arenado name is incredibly appealing, it’s also incredibly unrealistic.

We all know the Yankees already have a position battle at third base between Gio Urshela and Miguel Andujar. Neither name is quite as popular as Arenado, but both have earned at least some baseball street cred in the Bronx.

Urshela’s outstanding 2019 campaign changed the outlook fans once had of the young infielder. Andujar didn’t play last season, but proved his bat is valuable in this league by slugging in his first full season back in 2018.

Even at shortstop, Arenado’s original position, Gleyber Torres has taken the reins and will be starting on Opening Day.

The fit just isn’t there. If Arenado were to come to the Bronx, the Yankees would have to give up some big-name talent while only receiving Arenado in return. It’s not the finest idea when the farm system is in need of some fresh talent.

Even more so than the fit, the Yankees can’t bring over Nolan Arenado. While money hasn’t been a problem for the New York Yankees, it is a problem in this case.

Just a year ago, Arenado and the Rockies agreed to an eight-year extension to lock up a potential franchise player. Yet they gave him an opt-out after the 2021 season and are just now realizing how poorly this contract reflects on their team payroll.

Arenado is owed $35 million for the next five seasons, and $32 million and $27 million for the following two seasons, until he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2027.

The Yankees are no strangers to massive contracts, especially when thinking about the Stanton contract. Adding another one to the mix just isn’t in the cards, especially when it can tie up money the Yankees might need for more fitting players in the future.

Obviously, the Bombers are used to being in the hunt for every single top-tier player: look at the Manny Machado hype train that was stationed at Yankee Stadium all last offseason. It’s fun to dream but only to realize that when you wake up, it’s never going to happen.

Why? Because it just shouldn’t. In terms of baseball, it’s not a smart move.

If you’d like, keep on dreaming; but if you continue to believe a Nolan Arenado-to-the-New York Yankees trade is in the cards, it might just break your heart.

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