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Texas cops mock Houston Astros in hilarious PSA (Video)

While all of baseball is poking fun at the Houston Astros for their cheating scandal, a police department in Texas took it one step further.

At this point, instead of being angry at the Houston Astros for cheating, why not just poke some fun at it?

That’s exactly what the Southlake, TX Department of Public Safety did on Thursday afternoon. They took a page out of the New York Yankees‘ handbook and went straight savage.

The video is so incredibly creative that one almost forgets it comes from a DPS in the state of Texas, the exact state where the Houston Astros completely ruined the integrity of the game of baseball. The state where the crime was committed.

And tagging the Astros and the MLB? Priceless.

The video tries to use the Astros’ indiscretions to promote safe driving and, boy, do they get their point across in a hilarious way.

With cars all driving at exactly 30 mph down the road, it’s bound to get a little suspicious. Even though they’re driving safely, it’s still interesting to wonder what’s really going on. Much like the Houston Astros, conveniently laying off some pretty filthy pitches from opposing pitchers. Hmm…

After a few cars, the secret is revealed. A man donning a Houston Astros uniform top (retro, might I add) and a trash can is hiding just out of sight of the cop, banging the trash can in warning of the upcoming speed trap.

It’s timely and a great message. Kudos to the Southlake, TX Department of Public Safety for giving us something to laugh about surrounding baseball.

As a side note, this might be difficult to view if you are a Houston Astros fan or if you’ve been personally victimized by the Houston Astros and their cheating scandal.

But for now, we laugh. Because honestly, the Houston Astros are the running joke of the league at the moment. The Southlake DPS has shown proven that.

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