Gleyber Torres, Aaron Judge
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

In the wake of the Gerrit Cole signing, current and former New York Yankees reacted to the biggest move of the offseason.

Gerrit Cole is a member of the New York Yankees. Deep down, fans knew this signing would come. The team inked Cole for nine years at $324 million, ensuring that Cole will be a Yankee for years to come. Naturally, the players are excited about this kind of addition.

Aaron Judge, the leader of the Yankees, the modern-day embodiment of the Yankee way, understated as always. What more could you possibly need? A side-eye emoji says all that needs to be said. Judge knows that this move makes the Yankees the undisputed favorites in 2020. But he doesn’t need to say it. He just wants fans to know that he knows how special the upcoming season is about to be.

Gleyber Torres is only slightly more openly excited than Judge. In the confines of his home, Torres probably hasn’t stopped running around screaming since the news broke. But on social media, Torres needs only a strangely calm standing ovation. This gif likely represents roughly 2% of the excitement Torres is feeling right now.

Sure, Reggie Jackson hasn’t played for the Yankees in a few years. That can’t stop him from showing all the emotion the current players are withholding. He even counted out how many a’s he used when calling Cole a bad man. If Reggie Jackson is the conductor of the hype train, everyone should buy a one-way ticket.

Another former Yankee, Phil Hughes couldn’t help himself when an opportunity to troll “angry about uniforms” Twitter arose. Hughes might not be as connected to the organization as he used to be, but Yankees Twitter still loves him. And he’s right, even if the Yankees new Nike uniforms did look like this, Cole would look fantastic pitching in it.

The player’s group chats are probably exploding right now. More reactions will emerge. There’s an exactly 0% chance CC Sabathia doesn’t comment at some point.

Gerrit Cole is a New York Yankee and everyone is rightfully excited.

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