Clint Frazier
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Following a season in which Clint Frazier was chastised by New York Yankees fans for his defensive shortcomings, the Wildling had a clear offseason goal laid out for him. Improve on defense. In his effort to attain that goal, Frazier turned to a new coach …

Kelly's Comments

Speed, fearlessness and thousands of years of caged ferocity. This isn’t a description of Brett Gardner somehow still playing baseball in the year 5042. These are characteristics of the new coach New York Yankees outfielder Clint Frazier has enlisted to improve on defense.

In another social media post poking fun at the conversation surrounding his glove, Frazier revealed that his new defensive coach is none other than his cat, Phoenix.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, cats freak me out. As mentioned above, they’re fast, fearless and contain generations of caged up tiger blood. If humans didn’t have small bells that look like mice tied to the end of a stick to distract them, I have zero doubts that the tiger blood would break out of the cage.

But some select humans have shown the ability to earn their trust. Allison Case has that ability, given that her cat makes a weekly unannounced appearance on the Bleacher Creatures Podcast. Clint Frazier may be another.

If Frazier can harness the untapped potential of the feline perspective, he could become an absolutely lethal defender. He already possesses the tools, now he just needs the experience of a natural predator to use them.

It’d also be pretty sick to see Frazier climb the outfield wall like a cat on brand new and ridiculously expensive curtains to snag a home run ball.

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