CC Sabathia
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Former New York Yankees workhorse CC Sabathia pledges his NBA loyalty to only one New York franchise, the Brooklyn Nets. 

The thing that separates the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks (aside from talent, coaching, front office, etc.) is a large fanbase. Knicks fans won’t let Nets fans off the hook in that regard.

However, the Nets appear to have a new fan of significant power in New York, former New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia.

While appearing as a guest spot on ESPN 98.7’s midday show Humpty & Canty with Dave Rothenberg, Sabathia was asked about his Oakland Raiders upon being introduced on the show. Upon speaking disparagingly about his beloved Raiders, he then began listing his teams, one of which was the Golden State Warriors.

However, CC revealed that he was leaving the Warriors bandwagon.

“I left the Warriors though, I’m off the Warriors … I went to Brooklyn man,” said Sabathia, much to the chagrin of hosts Dave Rothenberg and Rick DiPietro. Sabathia would go on to defend himself, proclaiming he was an original Lakers fan but left the fandom once Shaquille O’Neal was traded to Miami.

“When Kobe (Bryant) ran Shaq off I became a free agent. And then the Warriors got good, hometown team, so I hopped on that bandwagon. Now, I’m looking for another bandwagon.”

After talking baseball the conversation came back to CC and his Brooklyn bandwagon.

“I’m a year early, too, because KD ain’t coming back until next year so they not going to win until next year. It’s going to make it look like I’ve been there the whole time,” Sabathia said.

Nets games have become a hot ticket as of late, though. During their run to the playoffs, you saw more and more celebrities making their way out to the Barclay’s Center. At the Nets vs. Knicks game last Friday night, many celebrity figures were in attendance, including Robin Roberts, Tracy Morgan and Joey Bada$$.

Sabathia sat with former teammate Aaron Judge. This isn’t the first time both of them have attended a Nets game, either. In terms of the most diehard, Joey Bada$$ seems to be the most consistent celebrity that attends Nets games.

A few years ago, nobody would ever think to use “Brooklyn Nets” and “bandwagon” in the same sentence. NBA fans aren’t the only ones that see what’s building at the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenue. Celebrities are starting to take notice as well.

The Knicks, much like the Lakers, are known for having well-known celebrity fans. Everyone can associate Jack Nicholson and Snoop Dogg with the Lakers, and Spike Lee and Chris Rock with the Knicks. But, perhaps as the Nets rise in popularity in the league will help via the social spheres of celebrities.

Justin Thomas is a graduate of Temple University. While there, he was an on-air sports talk host for W.H.I.P as well as sports reporter for the Temple yearbook. Over the past few years, Justin has written for a few publications including Sports Illustrated. On top of writing for ESNY, Justin is also a Senior Writer for and has had work featured on Bleacher Report.