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New York Yankees legend Reggie Jackson ultimately apologizes for his “joke” regarding Giancarlo Stanton’s injury.

Reggie Jackson made a major faux pas during an appearance on MLB Network radio.

When radio host Jim Bowden asked Jackson about Giancarlo Stanton‘s quad injury that kept him out of the New York Yankees lineup for Game 2 of the American League Championship Series, the special advisor for the team didn’t know he was on the air. He didn’t respond in the most professional way; definitely not in a way that’s suitable for children.

“(Bleep), he’s been out all (bleeping) year! How the (bleep) could he be hurt?” was Jackson’s response.

Jackson immediately regrets what happened, however, is trying to make things right.

“I immediately spoke to (Yankees media relations VP) Jason Zillo and he advised I go in and talk to G Stanton, which I did,” Jackson wrote in a text on Sunday night to NJ Advance Media, per Randy Miller of the news source. “I’d just spent several days with him during his rehab (from a knee injury) and he graciously accepts my faux pas.

“Please know this was said to belittle the question, not with intent or malice.”

Jackson then tried to explain what happened and why he said what he said.

“I expected (radio host Jim Bowden) to say, ‘OK, Reggie, now we’re on the air.’ He immediately says, ‘Stanton’s quad is hurting him. He’s not in the lineup. Your thoughts?'” he said.

Not a great look for Jackson, who obviously feels horrible about the incident.

Stanton’s injury has kept him out of the lineup for Game 3 as well. The series, which is tied 1-1, heads to the Bronx for Games 3, 4, and 5.

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