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Per a recent report, not everyone with the New York Yankees “warmed” to Joe Girardi during his 10-year managerial tenure.

In life, you hear the saying “nobody’s perfect” every once in a while. And it’s very true. No one goes through life mistake-free; everyone deals with some sort of adversity.

The same goes for baseball. There’s no such thing as a perfect ballplayer. In addition, there’s no such thing as a perfect manager either. Joe Girardi can apparently be linked to that latter statement.

Per a report from Andy Martino of SNY, having Girardi as the manager in the New York Yankees clubhouse wasn’t all “sunshine and rainbows.” It leads people to believe that there was definitely reasoning behind why the organization didn’t retain him after the 2017 postseason.

Martino writes, “According to multiple sources with direct knowledge, Derek Jeter and many members of his generation never warmed to Girardi.”

Martino also reports that he witnessed a text from an anonymous former Yankee, one which goes on to criticize Girardi in some way.

“I’ve always liked him, and hated the reason he got fired in New York. Listening to him do [the Rays-Astros series on FOX], he’s got ‘smartest guy in the room’ syndrome. He never lets his color partner [A.J. Pierzynski or Jim Kaat] have the last word. Always has to go over the top of them, often with something not very enlightening…A ‘smartest guy in the room’ manager is miserable for players and coaches. You feel like you’re always being talked down to.”

Girardi will interview for the New York Mets‘ vacant managerial position. He’s also reportedly eyeing the Chicago Cubs. It’s unclear to tell right now if Girardi would work for the Mets. It’s a “wait and see” situation. But, fans don’t have to be worried about right now. A lot still has to take place before anything is set in stone.

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