Aaron Judge, Boston Red Sox
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Jealousy is an ugly look on anyone, but it’s especially ugly when paired with excuses. Staring down the barrel of the very real possibility that the New York Yankees will win the World Series, Boston Red Sox fans are already preparing their excuses…

Kelly's Comments

It’s sad to see people who just can’t move on. The Boston Red Sox failed to make the playoffs the season after winning the World Series and that fact has not been accepted by the fans. Instead of enjoying the trophy they’ll only hold for a couple more weeks, they’ve taken to Twitter to come up with any excuse they can to explain, “If the Yankees win, it doesn’t even count.”

It’s just sad.

Yankees fans didn’t act this way in 2018 when the Red Sox won in decisive fashion. They tipped our caps and said, “Ok, you were the better team this year.” Sure, Next Man Up fandom may have muttered a few frowned upon words under our breath, but the sentiment was that Boston got ’em this year, and the tide will turn the next season.

And, oh boy, did the Yankees get ’em.

Red Sox fans watched the Yankees rout the Minnesota Twins to storm into the ALCS while the Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays scrapped to a winner-take-all game five. On the other side of the bracket, they saw the best team in the National League lose their game five in heartbreaking fashion.

So, with the very real possibility that the only two teams with a better regular-season record than the Yankees may be bounced early, Red Sox fans are shaking in their boots.

Ah, the classic “you didn’t beat the best team in every round so you didn’t earn it” argument. Also known as the laziest argument in the world.

Good teams lose in the playoffs all the time. That doesn’t mean the eventual champion didn’t earn their ring. All it means is they beat the teams that were put in front of them. Clearly, those teams were good enough to win too.

And call me crazy, but I’ll take the path of least resistance to a championship every time. Beating the best teams in the league along the way is an irrelevant bonus that only matters on Twitter.

Then there are the “this is rigged” excuses.

These are particularly lazy since literally zero thought or research goes into it at all. You just assume that because the Yankees are “The Yankees,” Major League Baseball is going to do everything in its power to help them win.

And of course, the fans who think that the Red Sox are still defending champions until someone else wins.


Newsflash: if you don’t make the playoffs, you aren’t actually doing any defending. Ten teams stormed your castle and now we’re fighting it out among ourselves to see who gets to keep it. We threw your “defense of the title” into the alligator-infested moat over a month ago.

And since Boston is eliminated, I guess it only makes sense to jump on the Houston bandwagon and pray they survive game five and still manage to beat the Yankees.


Keep that energy Red Sox fans. I’d love to eliminate you from championship contention twice this year.

Lifetime ballplayer and Yankee fan. Strongly believe that the eye-test and advanced stats can be used together instead of against each other.