Giancarlo Stanton
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It’s time to end the ridiculous notion that the New York Yankees will opt to leave Giancarlo Stanton sitting on the bench in the postseason.

Lollipops, Candy Land and UFOs. This is the world we’re living in right now. You’re better than this. You’re insulting my intelligence. You’re insulting your own.

To actually try and argue that Mike Ford or Mike Tauchman should start over Giancarlo Stanton in the 2019 MLB Postseason for the New York Yankees is bad. Terrible. Awful. Maybe if it was 2040 you’d have a better argument.

A candidate for the worst take of all-time Hall of Fame. There are a couple of TV talking heads who usually get all the nominees.

Giancarlo Stanton hit 97 home runs his last two seasons in the MLB. His contract will pay him over 300 million until 2027 with a club option for 2028.

He was the National Leauge MVP two years ago for a reason. He’s regarded as one of the best power hitters of his generation. If he is healthy, he will play. End of discussion.

Tauchman and Ford are the kids who hit on a $20 parlay and all of a sudden think they’re Jimmy the Greek.

They’ve been here for a hot minute and produced. That’s it.

It’s no disrespect to them. The Yankees desperately needed them this year with 20-plus guys on the injured list. Ford and Tauchman performed so above and beyond expectations that people actually want to have a conversation about this.

Mike Ford has 117 career at-bats. He made his major league debut on April 18 when Greg Bird went to the IL. Bird is a name we almost forgot about, huh?

Tauchman has about 2-plus years of experience in the majors. He made his way onto the Opening Day roster and has certainly made the most of it.

If I told you back in April that you would be arguing for that guy we acquired from the Colorado Rockies to start over GIANCARLO *BLEEPING* STANTON in the postseason, you’d laugh at me.

“Are you on crack?”

I’m not but there’s a really funny Stephen A. Smith-Lamar Odom video about that. YouTube it. Or whatever the kids do these days…

We all say we want the shiny new toy but when the ol’ reliable teddy bear has been setting the league on fire for a decade, I’m talking ol’ reliable.

Especially when healthy, he is possibly the best slugger of this generation. Before this year, Ford and Tauchman combined for fewer than 60 career plate appearances.

Stanton has over 300 home runs and 750 RBIs. He’s also a four-time All-Star, NL MVP, two-time Silver Slugger and two-time NL home run leader.

Pitching doesn’t get easier in the postseason. It’s the best of the best. It’s not the guy who gets added to the expanded roster in September fresh off his shift at TGI Friday’s.

And please, stop talking about last year’s postseason. If Stanton struggled, Ford and Tauchman very well could too.

When they do, you’ll be screaming for Aaron Boone’s head. “WhY DiD AaRoN BoOnE StArT ThEm? He No KnOw BaSeBaLl!?”

This is Major League Baseball, not PAL soccer with participation trophies. The best player will play. You didn’t know who Ford or Tauchman were back in April. You didn’t. Stop lying.

Stanton was busy hitting 97 jacks, signing the biggest contract in MLB history (at the time! Lay off Trout and Harper fanboys!) and winning an NL MVP.

Let’s be honest. No matter what happens you’re going to complain. If Stanton struggles at all, you’ll want Ford and Tauchman.

If Ford and Tauchman struggle, you’ll want Stanton. If healthy, Stanton will play every game this postseason. Stop kidding yourself.

Save your awful playoff roster takes for someone else. I’m not interested. And neither is Michael Kay. It blew my mind how many delusional phone calls he had to answer on this.

Stop it. As a matter of fact … see ya!

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