David Ortiz
AP Photo

Although the New York Yankees are in Boston to play the Red Sox, Edwin Encarnacion and Gary Sanchez used the opportunity to visit David Ortiz.

Prior to the series between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox this weekend, Edwin Encarnacion and Gary Sanchez traveled to check in on former Yankee tormentor David Ortiz. The Red Sox legend was shot in his home country of the Dominican Republic last June.

Encarnacion and Sanchez, who are also Dominican natives, traveled to the former first baseman’s home during an off day in Boston. The two also posted pictures of themselves with Ortiz on social media as well.

While it’s unclear if the duo went together or separately to visit Ortiz, they clearly wanted to show their support for the recovering 43-year-old. For years, Ortiz competed against the Yankees in many heated matchups during his time with the Red Sox.

However, that rivalry didn’t stop the current Yankees from visiting with their fellow countryman. For both, they’re likely just happy to see Big Papi home and doing extremely well with his health.

After he was shot back in June, Ortiz spent nearly two months recovering at Massachusetts General Hospital. Thankfully, Ortiz isn’t expected to have any long-term ramifications from this unfortunate situation.

Now, both Encarnacion and Sanchez can focus their attention back on the task at hand with their series against Boston. With the Red Sox already 6.5 games back of the second Wild Card position, the Yankees could firmly eliminate their long-time rival from postseason contention with a series win.

After the Red Sox ended the Yankees’ season at home last year, they would definitely like nothing more but to do the same thing to those bums from Boston this season.