Brett Gardner
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The Toronto Blue Jays snapped the New York Yankees nine-game winning streak with an 8-2 victory on Friday night. 

  • New York Yankees 2 (76-40)
  • Toronto Blue Jays 8 (48-71)
  • AL East, Final, Box Score
  • Rogers Centre, Toronto, Canada

Well, all good streaks come to an end eventually.

The New York Yankees dropped Friday night’s game with the Toronto Blue Jays by a score of 8-2. Neither the pitching nor the offense really put forth a spectacular effort.

J.A. Happ was struck by the long ball once again. Pitching against the team that the Yankees acquired him from, Happ threw five innings and gave up six earned runs. The Blue Jays did there damage with the long ball, cracking three off of their former teammate. Randall Grichuck’s first-inning shot set the tone of the game from the jump.

However, in the fourth inning, things got really strange.

Cameron Maybin was called out on a low strike call. Aaron Boone, being the fantastic manager that he is, began jawing at home plate umpire Chris Segal. Maybin then took a seat and following another low call against Mike Tauchman, threw in a few words of his own.

Segal then attempted one of the most legendary ejection moves an umpire can utilize. He attempted …

“The Blind Toss”

What Segal failed to consider though, is that when you attempt “The Blind Toss,” it’s impossible to know for sure exactly who you’re tossing. Of course, after pulling off such a move, it was too late to take the time to determine who was actually yelling from the dugout. So Segal needed a target and he needed one fast.

Unfortunately for him, the first Yankee he saw on the bench was Brett Gardner.

When asked about the incident, Gardner was still livid.

He was also extremely critical of the Segal even after the game, saying “Just be better. Just be better at your job. I think it’s an example of a young umpire, the game’s moving too fast for him …”

When asked if he thought he might get an apology from Segal after watching the tape, Gardy said, “Not interested.”

Ultimately, this incident was just a weird occurrence on one of those days where the ball doesn’t roll your way. Happ’s rough outing combined with the Yankee bats going quiet made for a fast and uneventful game. The only positives to take away from the game were homers by Mike Ford and Mike “The Sockman” Tauchman.

Savage of the Game - Brett Gardner

Brett Gardner turned into a literal savage when he found out Chris Segal tossed him. On a quiet night for the offense combined with a bad start from Happ, turning into an actual lunatic is “Savage of the Game” worthy.

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