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Hall of Famers Andre Dawson and Tony Perez may skip and even boycott Derek Jeter’s eventual Hall of Fame induction.

Next year, New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. It’ll be a great day for the Yanks organization and fans, just like it was for legendary Yankees closer Mariano Rivera this year.

However, there are two Hall of Famers who may not attend and possibly will even boycott the induction. They’re Hall of Fame outfielder Andre Dawson and Hall of Fame first baseman/third baseman Tony Perez.

Dawson and Perez both had positions in the front office for the Miami Marlins, with the latter working as a special assistant to the general manager. When Jeter took ownership of the organization in September of 2017, he fired both former players from their respective positions.

“I sincerely doubt [that I will attend] at this point,” Dawson told Scott Miller of Bleacher Report at this year’s induction. “All indications are likely not. … I can’t speak for Tony. But I don’t have a sense or feeling like I want to sit on that stage to hear what [Jeter] has to say.”

Perez also noted that “It wasn’t nice, what happened at the end.”

A boycott won’t really do much, as Jeter will be inducted either way, there’s no doubt about it. Them skipping the ceremony probably won’t bother Jeter either. However, the strong feelings of dislike from Dawson and Perez towards the Yankees legend is definitely interesting to hear about.

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