Edwin Encarnacion
Kathy Willens/Associated Press

As multiple sources have reported, the New York Yankees are reported to have traded for Edwin Encarnacion.

Allison Case

The New York Yankees are floundering in the month of June. What better way to shake things up than dismantling the Seattle Mariners for all their spare parts?

On Saturday night, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported that the Yankees were trading for slugger Edwin Encarnacion.

This trade comes as a shock to many Yankees fans, who have heard no such rumors prior to the announcement. However, they have been testing out big bats while waiting for Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton to return.

Encarnacion fits the bill. He’s very familiar with playing at Yankee Stadium from all his years in Toronto and he currently is leading the American League with 21 home runs.

While a shocking move, it is pretty solid for this team. They need that veteran presence and a spark in their lineup, which has been sleepwalking through these past few games. Plus, Encarnacion will be away from other AL East rivals.

Even better, the Mariners will be eating the majority of the contract.

In return, the Mariners will be getting impressive pitching prospect Juan Then, according to multiple reports. Then is currently the 27th ranked Yankees prospect but will be a threat in the near future for a Mariners team that is breaking down.

Not to be ignored, Then also originally signed as an international free agent in 2016 with, who else? The Seattle Mariners.

It’ll take some juggling to fit everyone in the lineup for this Yankees team but overall a solid pickup by the Bombers, especially to keep him away from Tampa Bay.

Time to start making the “Parrot Porch” for fans and getting out those stuffed birds. Yankees PR, we’re waiting.

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