Luke Voit
(Matt York / AP)

Friday night could get ugly for the New York Yankees because beef is heating up between Luke Voit and Lucas Giolito.

Aaron Case

In his first at-bat, Luke Voit put the New York Yankees on the board with a solo bomb. His next time up, Chicago White Sox starter Lucas Giolito played some chin music, and Voit was obviously perturbed.

“Come on, bro,” Voit appeared to say, followed by what looked like a more NSFW phrase. The 28-year-old understandably suspected Giolito was seeking revenge for the first-inning blast:

Yankees’ broadcast team Michael Kay and David Cone perfectly foreshadowed the headhunting with a conversation about how legend Frank Thomas had once told Giolito to throw inside more often.

Thanks for that, Big Hurt.

The moment ended anticlimactically, with Voit taking a free pass and Giolito finishing off the inning unscathed. But Twitter picked up the fight after the players moved on.

Most tweets supported the Yankees’ basher:

Of course, a White Sox fan or two couldn’t quite understand Voit’s reaction:

A little more than halfway through the game, the Yankees were losing 10-1. The score is starting to get lopsided enough that a Bomber hurler may take it upon himself to defend his first baseman.

If a retaliation does indeed happen, that’s when benches could clear and Voit could put his massive musculature to pugilistic work.

Hopefully, the teams keep their anger in check, though. There will be plenty of opportunity for verbal jabs when the media brings up the situation after the game.

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