Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry
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Kawhi Leonard wasn’t concerned with his Finals MVP trophy in the slightest. He even told Kyle Lowry to take it at one point.

It was no surprise when Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard was named Finals MVP. However, after they defeated the Golden State Warriors in six games, Leonard didn’t seem too concerned with his trophy.

Kawhi is oblivious to the fact that he left his trophy at the podium, but thankfully, someone got it back to him. But he didn’t have it for long before he offered it up to his teammate, Kyle Lowry.

Lowry didn’t want to keep the trophy, but he was willing to help Kawhi watch over it for a little bit. At one point, Leonard said he only cared about “Larry OB”—also known as the iconic Larry O’Brien Trophy.

The Raptors defeated the Warriors 114-110 at Oracle Arena on Thursday night. This prevented the Warriors from three-peating and prevented the Golden State dynasty from winning their fourth title in five years.

Leonard racked up 22 points with six rebounds and three assists in their Game 6 victory. Lowry had 26 points with seven rebounds and 10 assists.

In his seventh year as the Raptors point guard and in his 13th season in the NBA, the five-time All-Star, Lowry, has finally won a title.

Despite the victory, Leonard will be a free agent this summer. He could end up with the Los Angeles Clippers, but now that he’s won a title with the Raptors, who knows what he’ll do in free agency? This title is definitely a big reason to stay in Toronto.

The Warriors may also have a superstar leave due to free agency. Despite his ruptured Achilles injury, that’ll most likely have him out all of next season, Kevin Durant may sign with another team. He could sign with the New York Knicks or even the Brooklyn Nets this offseason. He also could opt in to stay with the Warriors next season and then sign a max deal for the following year.

Now that the NBA Finals are over, free agency will dominate the headlines.

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