Clint Frazier
AP Photo

A massive home run to open the scoring in Toronto is the perfect response from New York Yankees slugger Clint Frazier.

Let’s take a moment and focus on one thing—Clint Frazier‘s bat. Nothing else will matter if the current New York Yankees‘ lightning rod is smashing dingers and driving in runs. The perception, negative stories, and even defensive miscues can be forgiven if he’s punishing opposing teams with his quick swing.

After addressing the media in the wake of the recent drama surrounding Frazier, he hit a ball that might not have landed yet.

Things have not been going smoothly for Frazier over the last few days. His defensive struggles came to a head on Sunday when his woeful performance in right field cost the Yankees the game. He compounded his mistakes by refusing to speak with the media after the game—an expectation in the Yankee clubhouse.

But Frazier can make all of that irrelevant if his bat lives up to the hype. The fourth-inning moonshot was his 11th home run of the year and he also upped his RBI total to 30.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone deserves some credit for putting Frazier in the lineup as the designated hitter. The 24-year-old needed a day off from the field to shake off his defensive struggles from Sunday night.

It’s easy to forget that Frazier is only 24. He’s still got a lot of growing up to do. But he wouldn’t be the first Yankee to deal with criticism before emerging even stronger than before.

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