Hal Steinbrenner New York Yankees
(AP Photo/LM Otero)

Despite all the injuries that have kept the New York Yankees down, even the Boss believes they are playing some of their best baseball.

Allison Case

Anytime Hal Steinbrenner makes a positive comment on the New York Yankees and their play, it is worthy of celebration.

Now, when that compliment comes when the team is lacking in half of their payroll, that’s when you know you’re doing something right.

The owner of the New York Yankees spoke with the media on Friday to reporters at an extended spring training game, giving glowing accolades to the injury-ridden team who have won eight of their last nine series.

“Considering the adversity we’ve faced in the first two months of the season, it’s phenomenal the job these guys have done,” Steinbrenner raved to reporters, courtesy of Mark Didtler of The Associated Press.

And indeed they have. The expectations at the beginning of the season were to have players like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Luis Severino headline the 2019 squad. Instead, we are forced to watch names like Gio Urshela, Luke Voit and Domingo German take charge.

And it’s paid off immensely.

This offseason, the Yankees went diving into the bargain bin, swiping Gio Urshela and DJ LeMahieu. Now, those oft-forgotten names are headlining what could be the best baseball this team has played in the past few years.

“Young guys are stepping up,” Steinbrenner adds to Didtler. “They realize this is an opportunity that they might not otherwise have had and they’re making the most of it.”

With this squad, they’ve emerged as a top-tier team. And when the rest of their teammates return, the entire league better be absolutely terrified.

They’ve been simply remarkable, to say the least, and Hal Steinbrenner and the rest of baseball has certainly taken notice. Despite their missing pieces, the Yankees found out how to complete the puzzle and do what they do best: win.

George Steinbrenner would be proud.

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