Photo courtesy of Gary Phillips/Twitter

Ever think you would hear New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter and Clint Frazier‘s names uttered in the same sentence? Welcome to the Bronx.

Allison Case

Saturday afternoon in the Bronx was Derek Jeter’s time to shine during his 20-year career. The New York Yankees shortstop impacted not only his own teammates but those who arrived in the Bronx to match up against him.

His legend transcends to players coming up even today, especially current Yankee Clint Frazier.

While Frazier isn’t quite in the same stratosphere as Jeter, the outfielder paid homage to the former Captain in a pretty fashionable way.

Frazier took the field for Saturday’s matinee donning a fresh pair of kicks that honored the legend that is Derek Jeter.

It’s one thing to look fashionable on the field; it’s another to make a statement with a performance. And Clint Frazier, wearing some cleats for the Captain, decided to do just that with a home run of Jeterian nature.

How fitting for a kid who is just trying to make his way in the Bronx and win a few World Series along the way. While Frazier and Jeter are two incredibly different ballplayers, they both seem to be competitors who always expect the best of themselves each time they step on the diamond.

Frazier hasn’t even needed the luck of Jeter to do what he’s done so far this season. He’s batting .351 in 16 games, including being tied for second in home runs with five.

Frazier has earned himself a spot in the starting lineup and has done everything in his power to keep it that way. He’s leading not only the outfielders but the entire team in batting average and second in OPS at 1.020.

And now with his sweet feet paying homage to the Captain, there’s no way the Yankees could send him down. Clint Frazier is using his feet to help him win over the hearts of Yankees fans.

Well, that and his bat. But the shoes are pretty cool.

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