Miguel Andujar leads Yanks to win vs Baltimore
(Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

Once again, this one is not a joke. New York Yankees third baseman Miguel Andujar has been officially diagnosed with a labrum tear.

Allison Case

Can this Monday just be over?

The New York Yankees received notice earlier on Monday that Miguel Andujar was going to be placed in the IL due to an issue with his right shoulder.

Later Monday, the world was informed just how serious this injury might be.

After the Yankees’ 3-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers, Aaron Boone took to the microphone and spoke to reporters about some options for his recovery.

Deep breaths. Do. Not. Panic.

At this point in the season, it’s still early. But with the way things are going, it is not looking good for the New York Yankees and their chances of being a healthy and complete team anytime soon.

Now the wait will begin while Andujar and the Yankees work to make sure that he will heal properly. In a few weeks, we’ll have our answer and know whether it’s appropriate to breathe a sigh of relief or switch in our fan gear for another winning team (perhaps the Orioles?).

Andujar’s injury occurred in the fourth inning of Sunday afternoon’s game when he dove back into third base on a throw down from the catcher.

A loss of Andujar would be big for the Yankees. Their leading doubles hitter last season and the runner-up for 2018’s Rookie of the Year award, Andujar’s bat would be a huge loss.

From what it sounds like, DJ LeMahieu will be taking over responsibilities at third. With his contact approach at the plate, he’ll be able to fill a void. So far, he’s shown that he is definitely capable of being the Gold Glove defender he was advertised as.

But the injuries just keep piling up. And these are no April Fools’ Day jokes.

Or … maybe they are? The month of April is already off to a ridiculously depressing start. But it’s only up from here, right?

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