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I’ve written about the idiots of Yankees Twitter before and I’ll write about them again. This will be the first and only time I acknowledge the existence of this idiot henceforth known as Bitmoji Joe.

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I’m gonna get out ahead of the comments I know will come and tell everyone up front that this has to be a troll job. I truly don’t want to believe that this kind of stupid exists in the world today. Not when we have unprecedented access to all the knowledge that society has to offer.

This is an article about someone who had a really bad hot take that appealed to some really stupid people so he ran with it. It’s an article about a person who, in no way, deserves 280 characters worth of the ability to share his opinions in a public forum.

It’s an article about a New York Yankees Twitter troll who’s really proud of the fact that he got blocked by “his favorite team’s” Twitter account for acting like a complete fool.

Feast your eyes, true Yankees fans. The tweets of a person who has been so annoying that even the Yankees official Twitter account silently thought, “Alright, screw this potential paying customer.”

Although, I suppose it was a smart move by the team because Bitmoji Joe here clearly had no intentions of spending a penny on anything Yankees related. No point in having this poser fan in your mentions if he’s going to withhold the money your professional baseball organization craves.

Bitmoji Joe also had some hot takes about things besides the bottom line of the payroll, which really shows that all he wants is his favorite team to be the best that it can be.

Bitmoji Joe, of course, failed to recognize the fact that the Yankees have the third-highest payroll in baseball as evidenced by this professional-looking chart. He also made no mention of the fact that exceeding luxury tax thresholds for multiple years could result in draft pick penalties on top of the financial penalties as outlined by Charlie Wilmoth of MLB Trade Rumors.

No, no Bitmoji Joe would rather show the internet that he’s a Yankees twitter tough guy and he’s not gonna accept the fact that the Yankees can’t just buy whoever they want like the old days. They have to evaluate contracts based on long term value and future flexibility. If you don’t believe that thinking about a contract five years down the line is important, take a good look at Jacoby Ellsbury’s situation.

Speaking of Ellsbury, here’s another mind-numbingly idiotic tweet from Bitmoji Joe.

It seems he doesn’t really understand the fact that collecting insurance on Ellsbury’s contract while he’s on the injured list in no way blocks a roster spot from a Clint Frazier or a Tyler Wade. Ellsbury wasn’t on the roster for a single game last year and it made absolutely no difference.

If he (or anybody) thinks cutting him is the better alternative to getting some of that money back, there’s just no hope for such an individual.

And speaking of the injured list, it seems that Bitmoji Joe seems to be really upset about a simple name change to be more sensitive to the general population. Thank god we have Twitter warriors who are here to make sure not even the most reasonable changes get implemented in the game of baseball.

Well, you showed us, Bitmoji Joe.

I can’t wait to see this team that felt a 100-win season was underachieving be that much of a failure again. I can’t wait to see our sophomore third baseman fail at every turn so you can tell all the people on Twitter that you told them so.

Hope I see you outside of the stadium holding up protest signs with the rest of the “repent for the end is near” crew. I’ll wave on my way into Yankee Stadium to watch Vegas’ 2019 World Series favorites play in front of 54,251 fans that are of vastly superior intelligence than you.

Lifetime ballplayer and Yankee fan. Strongly believe that the eye-test and advanced stats can be used together instead of against each other.