Manny Machado
(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees never showed much interest in Manny Machado. As a result, the superstar is off to play for the San Diego Padres.

Manny Machado was one of the two true superstars on the free agent market this winter. While Bryce Harper remains unsigned, Machado has decided to take his talents to the San Diego Padres.

The New York Yankees were long thought to be the favorites to sign Machado. But over the course of the winter, it became clear that the Yankees were not all that interested in the enigmatic third baseman.

Obviously, Machado is an amazing player and would make the Yankees better, but they didn’t feel that he was worth his asking price. Machado was looking for a mega-deal and the Padres obliged.

This 10-year, $300 million contract always seemed like the magic number for the right-handed slugger. The $30 million per year is a sizable number for any team, let alone the small-market Padres. Although it’s not completely clear which side holds the cards, there is an opt-out in the deal.

Although there was a moment where it looked like the deal was in peril, The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal quickly reported that the deal was agreed to on financial terms. Obviously, coming to an agreement on the numbers is the most difficult aspect of finding a deal.

The Manny Machado saga had to be a little bit dramatic at the very end, right? Although many Yankee fans dreamed about Machado in pinstripes, the front office clearly didn’t share those same dreams.

The Yankees made a bunch of improvements over the winter, but they failed to sign the transcendent superstar. Harper is still on the market, but the Harper-to-the-Yankees speculation never took off quite like Machado’s did.

At the very least, the New York Yankees and their fans can move on from checking Twitter for the latest Machado rumor.

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