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New York Yankees hurler Luis Severino spoke about the potential for Jacob deGrom to enter the season with an innings limit for the Mets.

Luis Severino’s contract situation contrasts with what the New York Mets and Jacob deGrom are experiencing. The New York Yankees made sure to lock up Severino before it became an issue.

The Mets didn’t use that foresight with deGrom and now the Cy Young winner is contemplating his options.

He hasn’t committed to anything yet, but deGrom did say that if he doesn’t have a long-term contract, he plans to discuss the possibility of limiting himself this season.

“For me, I would never do something like that,” Severino told Randy Miller of NJ Advance Media. “I want to pitch. I love to pitch. I love this game. I’d never do that.”

He even went further to admonish deGrom. When asked if there is a time for playing and a time for negotiating contracts, Severino was not shy.

“Exactly,” Severino replied. “He’s making money. He’s making $17 million!”

It’s easy for Severino to say this after signing a deal that gives him long-term security. He won’t ever have to worry about making a choice like deGrom will have to make this year.

It’s hard to blame deGrom for considering his options because he has yet to cash in on a long-term deal in his career.

For that reason alone, deGrom shouldn’t worry about what Severino has to say. No one questions the Cy Young winners love of the game or desire to compete. That is just silly.

But it is in deGrom’s best interest to explore the possibility of limiting his workload this season despite what Severino may have to say.

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