Danny Farquhar New York Yankees
(Photo by Andy King/Getty Images)

After surviving a ruptured brain aneurysm in 2018, New York Yankees reliever Danny Farquhar will wear a custom protective cap.

Aaron Case

The New York Yankees aren’t messing around when it comes to Danny Farquhar’s dome.

According to ESPN’s William Weinbaum, the Bombers contracted Unequal Technologies to construct a Kevlar hat lining for Farquhar.

The 32-year-old reliever had surgery after he suffered a brain hemorrhage during a game on April 20. Farquhar was a member of the Chicago White Sox at that time.

“What we made protects his temple and the skull area where he had surgery,” Unequal CEO Rob Vito told ESPN’s Outside the Lines, per Weinbaum.

The Yankees signed Farquhar to a minor-league deal in late January. Therefore, he’ll have a shot to make the Bombers’ loaded bullpen if he pitches well in spring.

Farquhar won’t be the first MLB pitcher to wear a cap enhanced for safety. That honor goes to former New York Mets reliever Alex Torres.

Torres debuted a padded hat as a member of the San Diego Padres in 2014. His version of the protective headgear was much bulkier than Farquhar’s:

Understandably, some fans poked fun at Torres’s new look:

Hopefully, Farquhar’s Unequal product enjoys a better reception. With hitters like Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge mashing balls back up the middle at 120+ MPH, pitchers need security.

The Yankees’ first spring training game is on Feb. 23. Tune in to possibly grab a glimpse of Farquhar’s first game action since his terrifying incident last season.

Don’t forget to peep his new cranium cover, too.

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