James Paxton
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James Paxton went down to Tampa early to get acclimated to his new team’s facilities and he has been churning out quote after quote of proof that he’s ready for the pressure that comes with playing for the New York Yankees.

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Newly acquired James Paxton is already in Tampa, anxiously awaiting the official start of Spring Training with the New York Yankees.

He’s already had a number of quotes that should get fans amped up, the most recent coming when he told Greg Joyce of the New York Post, “I feel like playing with the Yankees, you’re expected to win. It’s World Series or bust for Yankees fans, and I’m excited about having that pressure and being on a team that’s so committed to winning.”

This comes in the same week that Paxton told Lindsey Adler of The Athletic, “Until I throw an 81 pitch game with 27 strikeouts, I will always want more.”

I mean, you can’t possibly get off to a hotter start with Yankees Twitter than Paxton is off to right now. Every single quote he has is him saying, “Hey Yankees fans, I’m here to get outs and win rings. Until I am absolutely flawless, I will want more.”

And I want that energy injected directly into my veins.

Paxton is showing fans that he’s ready to bring more “screw you, step in the box and get ready to head back to the pine” attitude to the rotation and that’s exactly what this team needs to win games on the biggest stages.

But I know what you’re gonna say. You’re gonna say, “James, what does it matter? These are just words that he’s saying. What has James Paxton done to make you think that he’s capable of performing in such an unforgiving environment?”

Well I’ll answer that question for you with this video …

James Paxton stood his ground against a rogue bald eagle flying directly at him. Do you think he’s gonna flinch under the pressure of the playing for the Yankees?

Not a damn chance.

Paxton will show up on day one of this year and he’ll shut down anyone who questions whether or not he belongs in The Bronx. He clearly has the mental makeup to support every hype-inducing claim he’s making before the season even starts.

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