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New York Yankees rumors: Bryce Harper unveils clean-shaven look (Video)

Where is Bryce Harper going to sign? Cue the speculation with his newest look at the batting cages.

Allison Case

As a true legend named Michael Scott once proclaimed, “Oh my goodness, it’s happening!”

At least that’s what New York Yankees fans are exclaiming after seeing Bryce Harper in the batting cages sporting a whole new, hairless look.

Harper’s Instagram story showed him taking some cuts in the batting cages without his signature facial hair. We all know who plays without facial hair (via George Steinbrenner) and we all know who has the money to pay the man.

He still remains unsigned and now he’s throwing out signals like a drunk girl at the bar. Does he have to spell it out for you, Brian Cashman? The man wants in with the pinstripes.

What does he have to do? Wear a giant sign around his neck declaring, “Sign me, Yankees,” while parading around Yankee Stadium? Harper has spoken loud and clear without saying as much as a word.

While the Yankees may not be all in on Harper, he is definitely all in on them. I mean, why else would he shave? To eliminate wind resistance as he’s prancing through the outfield? Because the beard-grooming routine was getting too difficult? Or because he wants to play on the New York Yankees?

There truly is only one logical solution and it involves Brian Cashman and a massive check.

Fans are definitely going insane at seeing Harper in his clean-shaven state, just like they did when he conveniently appeared beardless in the Bronx before the Yankees’ series against the Nationals last season.

Bryce Harper has lit the fires of speculation and it will continue to rage uncontrollably until Harper finally signs. Yankees fans have been wandering this offseason through a desert without even a sip of water. Bryce Harper just provided all the water they’ll ever need with one thirst-inducing, clean-shaven video.

Could Bryce Harper be on the move to the Bronx? If his grooming skills are any indication, Yankees better start betting on having another outfielder on their roster come Opening Day.

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