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Recent Twitter activity suggests Miguel Andujar is completely unfazed by the New York Yankees shopping him this offseason.

Aaron Case

Miguel Andujar is the Saul Goodman of the New York Yankees, because when he has a bat in his hands, it’s all good, man:

Andujar’s trademark phone-call celebration for his many doubles perfectly translates into a meme alluding to Netflix’s Better Call Saul. And it’s certainly true.

Like the fictional dirty lawyer he’s referencing, Andujar was filthy at the plate in 2018.

The 23-year-old led the Bombers in hits (170) and batting average (.297). In addition, he technically paced the team with a .527 slugging percentage.

Luke Voit and Aaron Judge were the only Yankees who slugged better than Andujar. However, Voit’s .689 slugging came in just 39 games, and Judge’s .528 came in only 112 games.

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After finishing second to Shohei Ohtani in the 2018 Rookie of the Year voting, Andujar’s reward from the Yankees was an offseason filled with uncertainty. Andujar may as well have changed his name to “Bait,” because he dangled on Brian Cashman’s trade hook for months.

The impetus for the trade rumors could have come from the Bombers’ ostensible pursuit of Manny Machado. Another driving force could have been Andujar’s lack of fielding prowess.

The biggest hole in Andujar’s game is his defense at third base. He was dead last in the MLB with minus-25 defensive runs saved, per Fangraphs.

Therefore, the Yankees may prefer his immediate trade value to patiently waiting for him to improve his glove.

There’s no way Andujar didn’t hear his name in the offseason trade rumors. As a result, his “Better Call Miguel” meme seems like a message directed at the Yankees’ front office.

For his next tweet, Andujar may want to draw from another character from the fictional world of Better Call Saul:

If that doesn’t help Andujar get his point across, then nothing will.

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